Juan Rezzuto


Haydn Project

Splitting in between composing and playing has been my biggest challenge since I’m 22. Optimizing my activities is the way I choose to cover both aspects of my artistic life.

My Haydn project remains in the core of my endeavors to disentangle the mysteries of music composition. Haydn didn’t just write a lot of sonatas, he created a musical paradigm which defined the shape and course of classical music for following 200 years.


Scaramuzza Technique

As a pianist, I’m aligned under the one of the most prestigious international pianistic schools “Vicente Scaramuzza”. My technique has been developed by an outstanding maestro who has proved it right several times in history. Martha Argerich, Bruno Leonardo Gelber, Daniel Barenboim and Sergio Tiempo amongst others, are some of the international artists who were either taught directly by Scaramuzza or learnt under his precepts.  


In my case I belong to the second group. I learnt this technique directly from one of his best pupils, Bruno Leonardo Gelber.


WKMT is my creation, my matrix. WKMT started as my own musical atelier and grew into the largest piano practice in London. I used it as a macro form of what I experienced as a pupil. An inspiring and fine musical wound, where students come and absorb all the energy around them.

Through my organization I help artists to perform in London, musicians from Argentina to come and work for WKMT in London, students to access fabulous masterclasses and most important, I use it to replicate my passion for music in our future generations.




23rd of September Haydn double violin and piano concerto

The 23rd of September 2019 will be a fantastic date for us at WKMT. For the first time, we are preparing a double instrumental concerto: Haydn’s double violin-and- piano concerto. This superbly elegant piece comprises three movements as all classic concertos featuring...
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